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5 printing solutions to maximize the efficiency of your printer use every day.

A hand pointing at the touch screen of a Xerox AltaLink C8155 printer invites you to discover the 5 essential tips for maximising the efficiency of printers on a daily basis.

In a business world where efficiency and productivity are paramount, printing remains an unavoidable daily task, no matter what industry you’re in. Whether you are a lawyer, manager or logistics administrator, the incessant ballet in front of the printer is a familiar scenario: printing a large number of copies in series while not daring to paralyze the activity of the rest of the team is a real headache. And who has not experienced that at the crucial moment the printer becomes the territory disputed by several colleagues, leaving you helpless and forced to juggle the various pages that are not yours? These equally frustrating and common scenarios underscore the crying need to optimize the printing process to make it less time-consuming and smoother.

That’s where modern solutions come in. In this article, we introduce you to five innovative tools from Xerox designed to transform your experiences and save on costs . These technologies are there not only to make printing itself easier, but also to reinvent the way you handle your print jobs every day and take you to the next digital level. By making these tools available to you, Xerox and D&O aim to simplify your daily tasks, saving you valuable time and minimizing disruption to your team. Get ready to see Xerox as your ally in the office, not just as a printing solution.


1. The Office Manager: The master of document sorting and management.

The quest for efficiency in the workplace constantly leads us to look for innovative solutions, especially when it comes to managing everyday tasks such as printing. This is where Xerox’s technological advances come around the corner, transforming a routine activity into a smooth and seamless experience. Imagine a workday where every printout is flawless; thanks to the intelligent functionality of our Xerox machines, this is now possible. Our machines are equipped with a revolutionary finisher, a movable tray that adjusts its position after each job so that your documents are always separated from others. This simplicity saves time and eliminates the frustration associated with scrambling files.

The ability of our printers to effectively manage the queue even when a user experiences IT problems marks a turning point in print job management. Instead of blocking the entire team, our system pauses the job in question so that other users can continue with their work. This approach ensures work continuity and reduces downtime.

In addition, the Xerox Office Finisher elevates stapling and punching to an art form. Your future printing equipment can staple a large number of copies and place up to 4 staples in one pass. You also have the option of uniform perforation. That’s the end of your folders where each sheet is perforated at different heights, creating a mess in your files.


2. Turn printing into a revolution: Switch to the Cloud and enjoy easy access to your shared folders.

Using cloud-based solutions for printing opens the door to unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. This innovation redefines the concept of the workplace, allowing for more dynamic and customizable interaction with your office environment. Imagine a system where your files are no longer tied to a specific printer, but can be sent to any printing device of your choice, simply waiting for your approval. It’s a simple way to run a greener business. You no longer print unnecessarily and you don’t lose your copies.

This process begins as soon as your documents are sent to the server. They are held there until you decide to release them, giving you total control over where and when they are printed, especially if you have a fleet of printers. If, as you approach your department’s usual printer, you see a group of people standing around the printer, or if the colleague who is a little too talkative is waiting to print, no problem: choose another machine available in a less crowded department. This flexibility not only changes the way you approach printing, but also increases the number of steps you take each day (don’t forget your phone) and encourages you to see colleagues you like a little more, but who are in a different department. Make the most of your printer fleet.

This option not only optimizes workflows and reduces wait times, but also encourages sharing within teams, contributing to a more unified and collaborative work environment. Choosing cloud printing means choosing a tool that goes far beyond simple document management: it means choosing an approach that improves both your company’s efficiency and human capital without major costs.


3. Print wherever you are: discover freedom with @printbyxerox

In today’s flexible work world, telecommuting has become the norm for many professionals. However, this flexibility brings challenges, especially in our area – printing urgent documents. Imagine being 60 miles from your office and having to manage urgent print jobs. The prospect of logging onto your e-mail in a public print room or at a retail store can raise some legitimate concerns about the security and confidentiality of your personal and professional information.

With this in mind, we offer a secure and practical solution through Xerox software, specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals on the go or working from home. The process is simple: e-mail your print job directly to [email protected]. You’ll receive an e-mail back with a unique username and password. With this information, you have the freedom to print your document on any Internet-connected Xerox Altalink or Versalink, wherever you are in the world.

This mobile printing option overcomes the traditional barriers associated with remote printing and offers unprecedented flexibility, security and convenience. It not only eliminates the need to connect to potentially insecure networks, but also ensures that your documents remain confidential and can only be accessed through a secure authentication process. With Xerox software, you have a true mobile printing solution that allows you to stay productive and stress-free wherever your business takes you. Our software is a highly recommended tool for any size business. Take advantage of printing devices worldwide.


4. Connect to your devices with the Badge solution, NFC or Code

Today, efficiency and personalization of work tools are not only valued in business, they are required. Recognizing this need, Xerox is integrating advanced authentication technology that is revolutionizing the way print and scan jobs are managed on a daily basis. This allows you to authenticate via a badge, your mobile device or a simple code, transforming your interaction with your devices into a seamless and personalized experience.

Once you’ve set up your account, your Xerox instantly recognizes you as you approach and adjusts settings based on your personal printing or scanning preferences. Whether your print jobs need to be stapled, punched or processed in a specific way, the machine automatically adjusts so you don’t have to specify these preferences every time. Not only does this adjustment save you valuable time, it also increases the accuracy of your print jobs so that each document looks exactly the way you want it to, with no extra effort on your part.

This technology offers a significant analytics and monitoring advantage. With the ability to quickly generate reports, you can get a clear picture of print volume per user, making it easier to manage costs and optimize resources. Secure authentication also gives you access to all the machines in your printer fleet without the need for heavy equipment or complicated procedures. This means you can move between different departments in your company, with the peace of mind that you can print without restrictions, wherever you are. Whether you’re an SME or at the head of a multinational corporation, our customized solutions will help you manage your costs more effectively, and our service guarantees you peace of mind.


5. Configure your printer correctly from the beginning and make life easier for yourself.

Our installer will install the equipment and mobile printing solutions in your offices. Our goal is to save you time and money. Sébastien is the installer who can take away all your worries. He will help you better manage your machinery and make sure you fully understand the equipment. If he finds it necessary, he offers additional services from D&O Partners that will make your printer work better. We think it’s only natural to check that your teams are getting the most out of our partnership. At D&O, this is normal practice – we are your business partner. We care about providing you with optimal printing solutions.

With information security as a top priority, our training approach includes an in-depth awareness of security best practices. From user authentication to sensitive data protection and secure data management, we ensure your team has the knowledge to maintain the highest levels of security. Our dedicated installer is committed to giving you full visibility into your advanced Xerox tools. We ensure that your infrastructure is not only efficient and intuitive, but that your equipment also ensures file security. Mobile application configuration also remains an important asset we provide. We deploy a wide range of solutions to ensure the best service and meet your needs. The D&O Partners team is happy to answer all your questions. We also offer a limited number of free audits. So do not hesitate to contact us to optimize your printer fleet and the use of your printers.