Security for multifunction machines, printers and scanners

A major challenge

Security is a major concern in information and communications technologies, and companies developing products and services in this area must strive to ensure the protection of their customers’ data and operations. Whether you own a business or are self-employed, understanding the security aspects of multifunction printers is essential to protecting your sensitive data and applying best practices to ensure your devices and data are protected.

MFP, printer and scanner security at Xerox

Xerox is committed to the security of its MFPs, printers and scanners and implements advanced security measures and features to protect its customers’ data and operations. Xerox multifunction printers and other products are designed to meet modern security requirements and offer reliable security features.

Raising the bar

While our technology has a high level of security, there is nothing standard about data protection for ConnectKey technology compatible printers. Our comprehensive approach to security ensures that all system components and vulnerabilities on the printer are fully and exhaustively protected.

Intrusion Prevention

ConnectKey technology utilizes a comprehensive set of features to prevent attacks, malware intrusion and unauthorized access to the printer, whether the data is transmitted over a network connection or through direct interaction on the printer device. All possible access points are protected, including the user interface and input ports available to self-service users.

Program detection

Xerox® ConnectKey technology includes a comprehensive verification test of the printer’s operating system that runs automatically when the device is started* or activated by an administrator. This test generates alerts as soon as changes are detected in the printer. McAfee® whitelist technology** continuously monitors the device to detect malware and automatically blocks its execution.

Protecting documents and data

Comprehensive security measures don’t stop at preventing unauthorized access to your printer and protecting your information from the outside world. ConnectKey technology provides the ability to prevent the transmission of critical data to unauthorized third parties, whether intentional or not. Whether it’s protecting printed documents by releasing them only when the right user is in front of the device, or preventing scanned data from reaching anyone other than the intended recipient, ConnectKey technology provides the safeguards you need to ensure your most critical data is protected.

Xerox also protects all your data stored on the printer by applying the highest levels of encryption. You can erase processed or stored data that is no longer needed using data erasure and cleanup algorithms approved by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the U.S. Department of Defense.***

External partnerships

ConnectKey technology provides additional security standards thanks to our partnership with McAfee®** and Cisco®. To ensure that our devices are protected even in the most secure environments, we measure our performance against international standards through certifications such as Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2.

The importance of security for multifunction machines, printers and scanners

The multifunction printers used in most businesses have become powerful and versatile devices that can print, scan, copy and even connect to wireless networks. However, this versatility also brings potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by others.

Protecting sensitive data

When using a multifunction printer, you are often dealing with sensitive information such as contracts, financial reports and confidential documents. Given this reality, it is imperative that robust defensive measures are in place to protect this vital data. Data protection is therefore of utmost importance to prevent potential leaks that could have damaging effects on your business or personal activities.

Avoiding unauthorized access

Network connectivity for multifunction printers brings a number of benefits, but it can also expose these devices to the risk of unauthorized access. Given this reality, it becomes crucial to implement rigorous preventive measures, as unauthorized access can compromise the security of your confidential documents and data. It is therefore essential to establish robust protective barriers, tightly control access and set up secure authentication protocols to ensure that only authorized individuals can access and interact with the printer’s features.

Print and scan management

In addition to protecting stored data, multifunction printer security also includes managing print and scan workflows. To ensure that your documents are sent and received with confidence, you need to set the right parameters for each process. Workflow security means defining specific rules for how documents are printed, scanned and distributed. By setting these parameters, you can not only ensure the confidentiality of your information, but also prevent your documents from being mishandled or used improperly, helping to manage your document workflow efficiently and securely.

Best practices for securing MFPs, printers and scanners

Initial configuration and settings

When setting up a multifunction printer for the first time, it is essential to consider security parameters.

It is important to:

  • Select robust defense parameters for device admission.
  • Select strong passwords to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Update the device’s software regularly to close any loopholes.

Network connectivity and wireless operation

Network connectivity and wireless operation are standard features of modern multifunction printers.

Be sure to:

  • Connect the device to a secure and reliable network.
  • Use security protocols such as WPA2 for Wi-Fi.
  • Configure firewalls to block unwanted access.

User access management

User management is essential to prevent unauthorized access.

You need :

  • Limit access to printer functions according to roles.
  • Use authentication functions to determine who is allowed to use the device.

Advanced protection for sensitive data

Securing MFPs, printers and scanners goes beyond just avoiding data leaks: it is essential to implement encryption measures to protect stored documents and data on the go. Encryption is the last line of defense, ensuring that even if security measures are breached, the information remains unreadable to unauthorized persons.

Print and scan management for business

In an enterprise environment, managing and securing print and scan workflows can quickly become complex. In this context, security is not only about preventing unauthorized access, but also about defining precise authorizations for each user or user group to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the printer’s specific functions. In addition, the use of access codes or personalized cards provides double protection and helps prevent unauthorized access to print and scan functions.

Installing firewalls and security software

When a multifunction printer is connected to a network, it is necessary to set up firewalls to control incoming and outgoing traffic. In addition, installing security software to monitor suspicious activity can help detect and prevent intrusion attempts before they can cause damage. By combining these security measures, you add another layer of protection to your network and printers.

Regulatory compliance for MFPs, printers and scanners

Compliance with data confidentiality regulations is essential in some industries, and multifunction printers that store or process sensitive information must comply with current data protection standards. Protecting your printers, prints, scans, and by extension your sensitive data, means avoiding potentially costly fines.

User education

An effective security strategy is certainly necessary, but proper and secure protection also involves educating users to reduce human error and the risks of data leaks. People using multifunction printers should be aware of the potential risks, good practices and security protocols they should follow.

Evolving threats and recurring updates.

It’s important to know that security threats are constantly changing and printer manufacturers like Xerox regularly release updates to fix discovered vulnerabilities. Making sure your device has the latest updates will ensure ongoing protection against new threats.


Printer and multifunction device security has become an important issue in the world of modern printing, where you can print securely both directly through printer peripherals and remotely through a network connection. However, if you follow good practices and stay abreast of the latest developments in security, you can effectively protect your data and maintain the confidentiality of your documents. Taking the time to implement robust security measures also ensures a worry-free printing experience.

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