Discover the power of Xerox ConnectKey® technology.

Xerox ConnectKey® technology has revolutionized the print and document management landscape for MFPs. With its range of advanced features, this technology drives multifunction printers to new heights of productivity and connectivity. On this page, we detail key aspects of ConnectKey technology, its applications, its benefits and how it can transform your work environment.

ConnectKey®: the connection between paper and digital

What is Xerox's ConnectKey technology?

Xerox ConnectKey® technology is the result of continuous innovation by Xerox, a major player in printing and document management for many years, and is at the core of the new generations of Xerox® multifunction printers. This technology offers much more than printing and turns your multifunction printers into intelligent assistants within your work environment.

Applications and utilities

Print, scan, document management, security and more: Xerox ConnectKey technology combines these capabilities in a single platform. Whether you need to share information through the cloud, connect or simplify your workflows, ConnectKey technology is here to meet your needs.

ConnectKey®: transforming the work experience

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced productivity: With Xerox ConnectKey technology, your multifunction devices become invaluable productivity tools, making your work smoother and more efficient.
  • Seamless integration: Compatibility with a range of applications and services means you can automate your workflows, making your daily tasks easier to handle.
  • Intelligent assistant: Imagine an intelligent assistant specifically tailored to your business work environment. That’s what Xerox ConnectKey technology provides, with an intuitive user experience that simplifies your processes and allows you to focus entirely on your business.

ConnectKey®: the future of document management

Versatile printing

Xerox ConnectKey technology is redefining the way we approach printing. Here are some other aspects that make printing even more versatile and powerful:

  • Mobile printing: With built-in mobile connectivity, you can print from your mobile devices wherever you are. You no longer have to sit at your desk by your printer to start adprinting.
  • Color management: ConnectKey technology gives you precise control over color settings, for vibrant, true-to-life prints.
  • Job scheduling: You can schedule your prints, which is especially useful for large jobs or peak periods.

Digitization at scale

Scanning with Xerox’s ConnectKey technology becomes an even more enjoyable experience thanks to these additional features:

  • Scan to workflow: You can scan directly into automated workflows, reducing manual intervention in document management.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR): ConnectKey technology on your printer provides the ability to convert your scanned documents into editable text using OCR, making them easier to search and edit.
  • Scan to the cloud: Direct scanning to popular cloud storage services provides a practical solution for archiving and sharing your documents online.

Security and data management

Security and data protection are at the core of Xerox ConnectKey technology. Here are some other measures that contribute to a secure experience:

  • User authentication: ConnectKey technology allows custom access levels to be set so that only authorized individuals can access sensitive functions.
  • Advanced encryption: Data passed between your device and your network is encrypted, minimizing the risk of information leaks.
  • Activity control: The ability to monitor printing and scanning activities contributes to compliance and security management.

A software package to simplify your life

Thanks to ConnectKey® technology, Xerox® multifunction printers are now even closer to your business. It’s about bringing hardware, software and service together to give you the best solution for your current and future needs.

ConnectKey® technology transforms your Xerox® multifunction device into a true information player within your organization. Productivity is increased through the addition of end-user automation and integration applications.

Security is also an integral part of this technology. Xerox® has developed partnerships with McAfee and others to ensure that your Xerox® devices and the information passing through them have the same level of security as your PCs.

Xerox® MFP models equipped with ConnectKey® technology have “ready-to-use” apps that facilitate procedures and make user collaboration and work even more efficient:

Technologie Xerox ConnectKey - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Xerox Easy translator

Provides instant translation in more than 40 languages and about 20 standard formats directly from the printer scan. Different levels of translation accuracy are possible depending on your needs (internal documents, official documents such as contracts or documents with very specific and specialized content, etc.).
Technologie Xerox ConnectKey - Solution Xerox D&O Partners

Xerox App studio

The user interface can be customized to each company's own procedures. It is also possible to develop apps to meet specific workflow requirements.
Technologie Xerox ConnectKey - Solution Xerox D&O Partners


The new Xerox i Series makes mobile workers more productive with cloud-based printing solutions. Employees and visitors can now easily print from any mobile device connected to an MFP using a simple email address without the need for IT support.

The connection between the mobile device and the MFP can also be easily made via a QR code. This makes scanning and printing effortless from connected mobile devices.

The Applications

ConnectKey® technology offers a whole new level of flexibility, efficiency and capabilities for your employees, both with the native applications and those available in the Xerox® App Gallery.

The ConnectKey® technology

Applications available in the App Gallery allow users to download cloud applications, such as DropBox, Scan to Microsoft Office 365, directly from the user interface.

With Xerox App Studio and Personalized Application Builder (PAB)*, Xerox® partners can provide a much more advanced level of customization to automate your workflows. This gives you information and unlimited opportunities to simplify business processes and improve productivity.

Xerox ConnectKey®: the solution for your business

In short, Xerox ConnectKey® technology reinvents the way we approach print and document management for our mfps, as its advanced capabilities connect jobs, transform processes and simplify workflows.

If you want to improve business productivity, integrate intelligent solutions into your business processes and create a more efficient work environment, Xerox’s ConnectKey technology is the perfect choice.

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