Cloud Printing - Printing in the cloud

What is printing in the cloud?

Cloud printing is a concept that allows users to print documents from a computer or mobile device over the Internet without having to be physically connected to the printer. Instead, cloud printing uses external storage and processing capabilities to send print jobs to a compatible printer via a cloud service. Read on for more information.

The cloud printing process involves several steps:

  1. Printer selection: The user selects the printer to which he wants to send the document. This selection can be made from a list of printers available in a specific cloud service.
  2. Loading documents: Users upload the document they want to print to the cloud service. This document can be stored locally on their device or on an online storage service such as Google Drive, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Print, Dropbox, etc.
  3. Send to Printer: Once the document is loaded, the print job is sent to the cloud service. The cloud service then sends the print data to the specified printer.
  4. Print documents: The printer receives the print data from the cloud service and starts printing the document.

The main advantage of cloud printing is convenience, as users can print documents anywhere, as long as they have access to the Internet, and without having to install specific printer drivers on their device. It also makes it easier to share printers between different users or devices because the printer that is compatible is not necessarily physically connected to the device sending the print job.

What benefits does Cloud Printing offer?

Read this article to learn more about the benefits of cloud printing and its applications.

Connect and share anywhere thanks to the Cloud

Xerox ConnectKey technology enables powerful one-step scanning workflows in a variety of formats, such as single or multi-page PDF files with text search. You can also scan and fax from your phone or tablet by connecting to the multifunction printers via the Xerox Mobile Link app.

This app lets you send data to cloud storage and print data stored in the cloud. With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, you need a solution that is ready to connect with your staff who are on the go or working remotely. Xerox devices with ConnectKey technology support a Wi-Fi Direct connection that allows you to print files from your smartphone without connecting to a network.

In addition, support for protocols such as Apple’s Air Print allows users and guests to easily connect from their iOS smartphones or tablets to print. For Android users, the Xerox Print Service plug-in or the @PrintByXerox app (which uses a universal email address) allows printing to any ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer.

We also offer advanced options such as Xerox Mobile Print or Xerox Mobile Print Cloud for secure and accurate printing from most mobile devices to all multifunction systems and printers.

PaperCut MF - Print management for printing in the cloud

PaperCut MF is an easy-to-use print and copy management software tool for transparent monitoring and control of printing and copying.

Access to the PaperCut application is secure and can be obtained from any Internet or network connection point using a web browser.

General presentation

  • Direct monitoring and control of photocopies using hardware or software.
  • Integrates with Xerox multifunction printers via Network Accounting / JBA and supports most printers.
  • 100% online administration for management from any network.
  • Supports multiple platforms, servers and clients and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Split accounting for copy/print allows costs to be defined by document color, recto/verso, etc. and then posted by department.
  • Print release/security/diversion for all types of environments.
  • More than 60 reports available on the Web, including environmental impact reports in PDF, HTML and Excel formats.
  • Personal online interface for users to access history of completed tasks and send file for printing via wireless connection. Internet printing does not require users to install a driver on their PC.
  • Can work with leading third-party Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Open architecture with access to scripts, source code, API documentation, XML web services and product architecture layers.

Your challenges

Many print management solutions control print usage, but photocopying, scanning and faxing must also be controlled.

Organizations that are aware of these issues want to reduce waste and make users and departments more responsible in terms of costs and the environment.

Key Challenges

  • Reduces paper waste and helps protect the environment.
  • Directs print jobs to printers suitable for high or low volumes, depending on the number of pages.
  • Monitors printing and copying for all users and ensures jobs are processed correctly.
  • Manufacturer independent product – compatible with most brands.
  • Create awareness of waste and encourage users to think about whether printing is necessary.
  • Easy implementation – one configuration template for all printers and plotters.
  • Easy commissioning across the network without the need for on-site administrators.
  • Significant savings by linking printing costs to user behavior.
  • Unmatched value for money in print management solutions. Quick return on investment.
  • Online product with an ergonomic interface.

Find out how Xerox can help you

PaperCut MF offers integration with Xerox multifunction printers to manage, track and administer copies. The goal of PaperCut MF’s integrated software is to provide copy, scan and fax management that is as comprehensive as print management.

  • Cost control for all photocopying, printing, scanning and faxing.
  • Centralized management of MFPs/printers and users from a single online interface.
  • Reports and costing by user, department, project, customer, print point, machine and function.
  • Secure access via username/password verification, ID number or card verification.
  • Enforce responsible usage via posted rules – restrict and alert with pop-up messages.
  • Provides secure print release and print tracking capability (Find Me printing).
  • Vendor-independent, supports most operating systems and devices.
  • Consistency: The integrated solution is developed internally by the PaperCut development team in collaboration with Xerox. This ensures consistency between copier and workstation interfaces.
  • Integration: PaperCut is an integrated solution managed by a single system. The integrated PaperCut application interacts with the PaperCut server using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Web services-based protocols.
  • Development frequency: PaperCut is constantly developing new features. A new version is released every two months and is immediately available to PaperCut users.
  • Security: Security requirements are considered in the development of all embedded applications. When security objectives are not met, this information is also published.
  • Supported Devices: PaperCut integrates with Xerox MFPs with Network Accounting / JBA.

Xerox Workplace Cloud - Print management in the cloud

Printing in the cloud

ERP, CRM and other applications, shared files … They no longer reside on their own server, but can be accessed in the cloud from any device with Internet access. Xerox makes printing in the cloud possible with Xerox Workplace Cloud.

Benefits of Xerox Workplace Cloud

The simple and intuitive Xerox Workplace Cloud provides convenience, usage information and a dashboard to monitor and manage all your printers. Xerox Workplace Cloud provides workflows for authentication, print management, cost control and mobility. Here are some of the benefits;

  • Dashboard for monitoring and managing printers.
  • Reduce your local network infrastructure and monitor printers across multiple locations and networks.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Because it is hosted in the cloud, all updates and patches are handled by Xerox.
  • Your IT staff will be relieved.
  • Maximum security.

Authentication and access control.

Authentication options are compatible with a wide range of industry-standard secure readers and cards. Choose card, cardless or even mobile device authentication using NFC (Kidney Field Communication), the Xerox Print Portal app and a QR code to unlock devices. Use essential printing policies to control costs and restrict access to machines/functions at the user/group level.

Add unique authentication capabilities to any of your printer services that provide functionality, such as cloud connector applications and more. Easily authenticate once at the printer with your ID badge, mobile device or login and password for secure access to all of your MFP applications that offer single sign-on functionality, without the need for additional, time-consuming sign-in steps.

Mobile printing

Make printing from mobile devices flexible and easy. Send print jobs from Windows OS devices, Google Chromebooks, Mac OS, Linux and mobile printing apps for iOS, Android and Windows Surface tablets. A traditional pull/follow print workflow lets you send jobs to a queue, then release and retrieve them at your convenience.

Accounting, reporting and regulations

Administrators can closely monitor print jobs across the organization with consolidated reporting and fleet accounting. A clear dashboard provides a quick overview of print activity and status. The ability to view the most active users by department or usage mode helps administrators manage costs.