Custom app development for your Xerox multifunction printers: our customized solution

We have apps available on all Xerox multifunction printers with Xerox ConnectKey technology, but did you know we can customize some just for you?

If your company’s specific needs are not fully met by the standard apps available on the Xerox App Gallery platform (see the Xerox Apps page), we have an alternative for you! D&O Partners is once again expanding its solution offerings by providing a custom application development service that is unique and compatible with your Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printers. Our commitment to innovation and customization allows us to create customized solutions that meet your organization’s exact requirements.

Customized applications for your unique needs

Custom apps are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your business. Where predefined solutions on your multifunction printers sometimes lack flexibility, our applications are tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows. Whether you have specific functionality, complex automation or another precise request, we can design an application for you that meets your expectations.

Xerox ConnectKey: unlock the potential of your multifunction printers

Like native Xerox applications, our custom applications are designed to take full advantage of ConnectKey technology, an innovative platform that transforms your Xerox multifunction printers into complete productivity solutions. ConnectKey technology allows us to develop custom applications that optimize your workflows, improve document security and simplify the management of your document processes.

Benefits of custom applications

Meet specific requirements

Businesses often have unique needs and internal processes when it comes to document management and workflow. Our custom apps are designed to adapt to your specific processes so you can maximize your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Maximum flexibility

Our team works closely with your business to create a list of the features you need, then works with experienced developers to ensure the results meet your expectations. This way, we keep an overview and create solutions that perfectly fit your business environment and goals.

Improve productivity

With specific functionality and customized automation, our custom apps can speed up your processes, reduce human error and optimize your document management.

By automating repetitive tasks, a custom app saves time and allows your staff to focus on more important tasks, increasing productivity and reducing document management and workflow costs.

Smooth integration

When we develop custom apps for your business, our priority is seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. We perform a thorough assessment of your systems, design our custom apps to integrate seamlessly, and manage the implementation to avoid interruptions. That way, you quickly reap the benefits of our custom applications without serious disruption to your business operations.

The app development process in a few steps

1. Assessing your needs

Our team begins with a thorough assessment of your needs and works with you to identify areas where a custom application can be useful to your business and deliver significant value.

2. Design and development

Once your requirements are identified, our team works with experienced developers to design and develop the application according to best development and security practices.

3. Integration and testing

Upon completion, your custom application is integrated directly into your company’s existing infrastructure and thoroughly tested to ensure reliability and efficiency.

4. Training and support.

Once the custom application is installed, we provide training for your team to ensure a smooth implementation of the new app. In addition, our support team is always available to answer your questions and resolve any issues.

Grow your business with customized apps

Driving the growth of your business

Our custom apps are much more than custom applications; they are catalysts for growth in your business. They automate tasks, simplify document management and provide full customization of your Xerox multifunction printers, creating the right environment for growth. By freeing up time, reducing errors and optimizing processes, these programs help you focus your resources on growing your organization and achieving your business goals.

Solutions that grow with you

The needs of your business change over time, and our custom apps can grow with those needs. We can update and enhance your custom applications to keep them in line with your changing business goals and processes.

Our team is ready to update and enhance your custom apps to meet new requirements and capabilities that arise over time.

Contact us for customized solutions

Do you have certain business processes in your organization that require specific use of your Xerox multifunction printer? Then don’t hesitate to ask us to create a personalized app that can be useful to your organization!

With this custom service compatible with Xerox ConnectKey technology and our ultra-flexible capabilities, you can optimize your processes at the click of a button to improve your workflow and save valuable time that you can put back into your business.

Do you think this solution for businesses and freelancers could be suitable for your business projects? Then don’t hesitate to contact us via the “contact” section of our website or drop by our showroom in Brussels.