More than 20 years at your service

D&O means the benefits of the Xerox brand with the flexibility and closeness of a dealer 

Created in 1992

D&O Partners is one of the biggest Xerox dealers in Belgium. Initially, we only sold copiers and printers. Then we added the sale of consumables (paper, toner, staples, etc) and finally, we recently specialised in the sale of software solutions for the management of data flows.

Many years of experience

We are the preferred contact point to help you with your document management. At D&O you will find a specialist ready to help you identify your needs and offer you the most suitable office automation solution.

Favoured partner of Xerox

We have to respect an ethical charter drawn up by Xerox, and thanks to this collaboration our sales staff are also given regular training that closely follows technological developments.

Importance of customer satisfaction

We are available to answer all your questions and special requests, and we make sure that we offer you the most suitable equipment for your needs.

The vision of Xerox

To help people find the best resources to do excellent work by being the leader in document technologies, products and services that improve the work processes and commercial results of our customers


Customer satisfaction, attentive listening, commitment & service

Human-oriented values.

Since its creation, customer satisfaction, attentive listening, commitment and service characterize the identity of D & O Partners and its culture. These values have been the pillar of our development during more than 25 years. This gives us the means to support human-oriented values, being actors of events bearing social values.

D&O Partners is committed to:

D&O supports Relay for Life

a sporting event to help Leukemia research at the Bordet Institute, which gives the Red Cross the opportunity to collect many blood bags and register stem cells donors.

Promotional image highlighting D&O Partners' support for Think Pink, an organisation fighting breast cancer. The image features the Think Pink logo with a ribbon and the text 'D&O Supports Think Pink', highlighting the importance of their campaign to support breast cancer research and provide support to patients and their families.

D&O Supports Think Pink

D&O Partners is committed to the fight against breast cancer and is organizing a campaign to benefit Think Pink. As a proud supporter, we recognize the crucial work Think Pink does in fighting against breast cancer and providing support to patients and their families.

D&O is sponsor of Flagey

and is therefore an actor of cultural life in Brussels. The Flagey building, located in Ixelles, is indeed an important hub where different artistic disciplines – including music and photography- and where various international or local talents meet.