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Annual collaboration with Flagey

Promotional poster featuring the annual collaboration between D&O Partners and Flagey, with an open brochure showing details of the Schubert Days event and upcoming musical performances, in partnership with D&O Partners.

Today, we are pleased to share with you one of our most beautiful collaborations to date and announce the extension of our partnership with Flagey, a historic structure in the city of Brussels. 🤝

As you know so well, Flagey is a unique Brussels cultural institution that, for a very long time now, has been bringing together culture lovers of all ages around common passions such as music or cinema. 🎵🎥
This institution has always aimed to promote culture in Belgium and to offer a varied and quality program to visitors by organizing concerts, film screenings or conferences, and this throughout the year.
D&O Partners has been collaborating with Flagey for almost 15 years now, as it is committed to supporting such initiatives.

Organizing events means communication, and communication often means printing.
It is very important for us to do everything possible to allow them to respect their deadlines and for that we have the advantage, as a Xerox dealer based in Brussels, to benefit from a proximity as well as a reactivity essential to our collaboration during all these years.
Relying on a reliable partner is necessary to support such a business, that’s why D&O Partners makes sure to offer Xerox professional printers capable of meeting these printing needs while having peace of mind.

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