PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is a print and copy management software designed for ease of use, for transparent monitoring and control of printing and copying.

The PaperCut application is secure and can be accessed via a Web browser from any Internet and network connection point.

  • Track and control instant copies using hardware or software.
  • Integrates with Xerox Multi-Function devices via Network Accounting/JBA and supports most printers.
  • 100% online administration that allows management from any network connection point.
  • Supports multiple server and client platforms and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Breakdown of copy/print accounting allowing costs to be defined by document color, duplex and then by department.
  • Print release/secure/diversion for any environment.
  • More than 60 reports available online, including environmental impact reports in PDF, HTML and Excel.
  • Personal online interface for users to access job history and send a document for printing via wireless connection. Internet printing does not require users to install a driver on their computer.
  • Ability to work with major third-party Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Open architecture with access to scripts, source code, API documentation, XML Web services and product architecture layers.

Many print management solutions control the use of printing, but copying, scanning and faxing must also be managed.

Organizations that are aware of these issues try to avoid waste and make users and departments accountable for cost and environmental issues.

Key challenges

  • Reduces paper waste, helping to protect the environment.
  • Forwards print jobs to appropriate high or low volume devices depending on page count.
  • Tracks printing and copying for all users, ensuring jobs are accounted for correctly.
  • Manufacturer-independent product – compatible with most brands.
  • Raises awareness of waste and encourages users to consider printing.
  • Easy to implement – one configuration template for all printers and plotters.
  • Easy commissioning across the network without the need for on-site administrative resources.
  • Significant savings by linking printing costs to user behavior.
  • Unmatched value for money in print control solutions. Quick return on investment.
  • Online-based product with a user-friendly interface.

PaperCut MF offers integration with Xerox MFPs for copy control, tracking and accounting. The goal of PaperCut MF’s integrated software is to provide copy, scan and fax control as comprehensive as print control.

  • Cost control for all copying, printing, scanning and faxing
  • Centralized management of MFPs/Printers and users from a simple online interface
  • Reporting and costing by user, department, project, customer, print point, device and function
  • Secure access via login with username/password, ID number or card verification
  • Enforce responsible usage via rule setting and restriction and alerting with pop-up messages
  • Enables secure print release and tracked printing (Find Me Printing)
  • Vendor-independent with support for most operating systems and devices
  • Consistency: The integrated solution is developed internally by the PaperCut development team in collaboration with Xerox. This ensures consistency between the copier and workstation interfaces.
  • Integration: PaperCut is an integrated system solution. The PaperCut embedded application interacts with the PaperCut server using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services-based protocols.
  • Development frequency: PaperCut is constantly developing new features. Every two months there is a new version that is immediately available to PaperCut users.
  • Security: All embedded applications are developed with security requirements in mind. When security objectives are not met, this information is also published.
  • Support devices: PaperCut integrates with Xerox MFPs with Network Accounting / JBA.

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