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Xerox’s leadership in Managed Print Services (MPS) once again recognized by Quocirca

Quocirca 2023 cloud print services landscape chart showing Xerox among the leaders, with assessment of strategy and completeness of offering against other major players

In its report issued on September 20, Quocirca, a leading IT research and consultancy firm, highlighted the many benefits offered by Xerox’s MPS solutions, as well as its market-leading position.

The report highlights Xerox’s ability to provide customized, scalable MPS solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Through a combination of advanced software, management services and expert advice, Xerox enables companies to optimize their workflows, reduce printing costs and improve productivity.

Another of Xerox’s strengths lies in its ability to integrate innovative technologies into its MPS solutions. Quocirca highlights the importance of automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in print management, and Xerox is at the forefront of these technological advances.

With tools such as mobile printing, document security and data analytics, Xerox offers businesses world-class MPS solutions.

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In addition, Quocirca highlights Xerox’s commitment to sustainable development, as Xerox strives to reduce its environmental footprint by offering energy-efficient printing solutions and encouraging the recycling of ink cartridges and consumables. In conclusion, Quocirca’s report confirms Xerox’s leadership in Managed Print Services. Thanks to its customized solutions, technological innovation and commitment to sustainable development, Xerox continues to provide leading MPS solutions to businesses worldwide.