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D&O Partners : The revolution in invoice OCR for accounting offices!

A Xerox C235 multifunction printer at an office workstation set up for accounting tasks with OCR functionality. The image shows the printer next to office supplies, such as a calculator and pens, with a laptop displaying financial spreadsheets, illustrating efficiency and productivity for accounting offices.

Do your customers bring you documents on VAT return day? What’s more, they’re 500 invoices and tickets in abundance? Do you find yourself overwhelmed every three months? We’re here to help.

We know how stressful an accountant’s job can be during VAT periods, or at balance sheet time when the customer brings you 150 missing invoices. We’re the ideal partners to alleviate these stressful situations thanks to rapid digitization. With us, you’ll no longer need to search for your recently scanned documents. Our installer will take the time to configure the printer to inject invoices directly into Virtual Invoice.

The various applications offered by Xerox also enable better collaboration with your customers. Aware of the changes that have taken place in accounting over the last few years, we adapt our services to best meet your needs. The stakes for an accounting firm making this transition are very high. Our aim is to contribute to your company’s development and make it as efficient as possible at the lowest possible cost.


How do we see the future of accounting?

Accounting underwent a revolution, moving from paper to digital format at the beginning of the 21st century. Today, the second transition is taking place, the era of automatic encoding. Whether you keep your accounts in Winbooks, Exact, Sage BOB, Yuki or Odoo, invoice dematerialization is a snap.

You’ve probably already made the switch to OCR, or even strongly considered it. The reasons are simple: in the course of your career, you’ve come across some gross encoding errors, or you’ve simply realized how inefficient manual encoding can be. OCR is the ideal solution, as it reduces errors. But for optimum OCR, you need the optimum printer. The solutions offered by D&O Partners are at the cutting edge of technology and make the accounting task much less tedious than before. Your OCR software analyzes the document and extracts the invoice data, provided you scan it in good enough quality.


How OCR software works

OCR, for optical character recognition, is a technology designed to extract and interpret information from images or PDF documents. This method transforms various types of document, such as scanned images of printed text, PDF files or photos of text, into editable data. Thanks to OCR, accounting software can perform automatic data entry, instantly recognizing the identity of supplier and customer. This automation transforms invoice processing, with productivity gains estimated at between 30% and 50%. In this way, OCR optimizes administrative processes, enabling documents to be managed faster and more efficiently.


The importance of digitization

The transition to digital technology offers considerable advantages, not least in terms of reducing the space required for physical document storage. With digitization, paper clutter in offices is a thing of the past. What’s more, access to documents becomes considerably easier: once scanned, they are saved in the cloud, enabling instant retrieval and sharing in the event of a customer request or tax audit. This accessibility significantly improves team efficiency, freeing up valuable time that can be reallocated to higher value-added activities, such as customer advice or prospecting. Digitization is therefore a key performance and competitiveness driver for companies, enabling them to focus fully on their core business.


The winning partnership: a considerable advantage for your company

With D&O, you benefit from a major advantage: scanning speed. Our A3 printers are designed to scan your documents in a single pass, on both sides of the paper, saving you significant time. This speed ensures that your documents are scanned with unrivalled efficiency. Thanks to impeccable image quality, optical character recognition (OCR) is greatly facilitated, enabling rapid dematerialization of your invoices. The sharpness of the scanned parts guarantees accurate reading and reliable conversion into digital data, optimizing the processing of your invoices.


Precise invoice processing

The integration of state-of-the-art OCR software into these Xerox laser printers radically transforms invoice processing. This advanced optical character recognition system not only enables automatic data capture, but also ensures unprecedented accuracy in reading information. Manual data entry errors are a thing of the past. Automated workflows replace them, thanks to their speed and reliability.

By choosing D&O Partners and Xerox, you are opting for a solution that not only speeds up invoice management, but also perfects the process through data accuracy. The future of accounting is closely linked to the future of technology, so why not adapt now to the demands and challenges of the industry.


Here is our selection for accounting offices:

1.       The Altalink B8100: the accounting printer par excellence. Thanks to its multifunctionality, it allows fast scanning. Whatever the state of your documents, Xerox printers handle even small tickets. Your documents go straight into the program you’re using, or into your e-mail. To optimize costs, we offer black and white printing. With the addition of a stapler and a hole punch, the look of your folders is greatly enhanced. What’s more, it lets you connect multiple computers to your office, even if you’re working with a virtual desktop. You can also opt for its sister, the Altalink C8100, which also prints in color.

2.       The VersaLink C7100: A compromise between cost and performance. We recommend this printer for smaller offices. Being very compact, it will blend in perfectly with your office décor. Thanks to its functionalities, your company will gain in productivity. Like the Altalink, it’s compatible with accounting software, so you can scan your documents more easily. Documents can also be entered directly into Virtual Invoice, Bob sage or Odoo. You can also add a stapler and make regular perforations.

3.       The Versalink C415: If you’re a freelancer or work in an office with two people, this A4 printer will automate your work. The Versalink will be your faithful ally during your VAT periods. Ideal for offices with limited space, it will be able to quickly scan your customers’ documents. The technological solutions developed by Xerox will make your day-to-day work easier. Like the previous models, this is a network-connected printer that lets you print from anywhere, provided you have Internet access.

We hope our shopping guide has given you some pointers!