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Education of Bernard Edelberg

Part of the D&O Partners team attending a presentation led by Bernard Edelberg for Xerox.

Today we would like to thank Bernard Edelberg, our specialist from our parent company Xerox in Zaventem, for his visit to our showroom in Brussels. Thanks to him, the D&O Partners team was able to benefit from a very instructive training on the Fiery RIP and to add a string to its bow to remain at the top of the consultancy. 🖨️

D&O Partners ensures a constant update of the knowledge of its staff, whether it is for the printers but also everything that revolves around them, so that they are always able to inform our partners and offer them the best possible solution, always adapted to their needs.

But what exactly is the Fiery RIP? It is used to process data to convert it into a printable image on a printer, and is used in the professional printing industries to control digital print production processes, including color management, printer calibration, print job management and more.

There are several benefits to using a Raster Image Processor (RIP), especially one like Fiery. Here are some of the most common benefits:

  1. Superior print quality: RIPs can provide superior print quality by optimizing resolution, color and other image parameters. Professional-grade RIPs such as Fiery are capable of handling highly accurate colors and soft tone gradations for high-quality print results.
  2. Faster processing time: RIPs are designed to quickly process high-resolution image files and other complex graphic content. Professional-grade RIPs such as Fiery use sophisticated algorithms to speed up the processing of print data, reducing production time and improving overall efficiency.
  3. Efficient print job management: RIPs like Fiery offer a full suite of print job management tools, including production scheduling, job prioritization, print queue management, and more. Users can easily manage print jobs and minimize errors, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.
  4. Integration with other software: RIPs such as Fiery can be integrated with workflow systems and prepress software for an end-to-end production workflow. Users can easily send print files from a variety of sources and automatically process them with defined settings for consistent, high-quality print results.

Overall, RIPs, especially enterprise-grade RIPs such as Fiery, offer significant advantages in terms of print quality, turnaround time, job management and integration with other production systems.

Through our multiple annual interactions with our parent company, we benefit from the strength of the Xerox multinational group while maintaining the flexibility of a small to medium-sized business, which allows us to be very responsive in our interactions.

In this way, you too can benefit from quality service and personalized support in choosing the Xerox professional printer that will support all your projects.