Print management in the cloud

Printing via the cloud

ERP, CRM and other applications, shared files … They no longer reside on their own server, but are accessible in the cloud via any device with an Internet connection. Xerox makes cloud printing possible with Xerox Workplace Cloud.

Advantages of Xerox Workplace Cloud

The simple and intuitive Xerox Workplace Cloud provides convenience, usage information and a dashboard to monitor and manage all your printers. Xerox Workplace Cloud provides workflows for authentication, print management, cost control and mobility.

  • Dashboard to monitor and manage printers.
  • Reduce your local network infrastructure and manage printers across multiple locations and networks.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Because it is hosted in the cloud, all updates and patches are managed by Xerox.
  • Your IT people are relieved.
  • Maximum security.

Authentication and access control

Authentication options are compatible with a wide range of industry-standard secure readers and cards. Choose card, cardless or even mobile device authentication using NFC, the Xerox Print Portal app and a QR code to unlock devices. Use critical print policies to control costs and restrict access to machines/functions at the user/group level.

Add single sign-on capabilities to all your printer services that provide functionality, such as cloud connector applications and more. Authenticate at the printer with your ID badge, mobile device or login credentials for secure access to all your MFP applications with single sign-on functionality, without additional time-consuming sign-in steps.

Mobile printing

Make printing from mobile devices flexible and easy. Send print jobs from Windows OS devices, Google Chromebooks, Mac OS, Linux and mobile printing apps for iOS, Android and Windows Surface tablets. A traditional pull/follow print workflow lets you send jobs to a queue and release and retrieve them at your convenience.

Accounting, reporting and rules

Administrators can closely monitor print jobs across the organization with consolidated reporting and fleet accounting. A clear dashboard provides a quick overview of print activity and status. The ability to view the most active users by department or mode of use helps administrators manage costs.