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Print your SME’s documents easily and securely. Here is our top selection of multifunction printers

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In today’s business world, despite increasing digitization, printing remains an unavoidable necessity for small businesses. Xerox also adds a layer to document management while maintaining data security. This is where D&O Partners, as a leading dealer of Xerox Belgium, positions itself as your ideal partner.

If you are a business owner, you will understand that frustrating feeling when administrative tasks take up so much of your valuable time and prevent you from printing urgent documents. At D&O, we understand that, and most importantly, we have the solution. Explore our best multifunction laser printers and applications designed for SMEs in Belgium and see which business printer is right for your business.

Dive into the future with Xerox laser printers: discover our features

It is no longer just about printing. Users gain new features and are immersed in a completely new world. Features added by Xerox include translation while maintaining page layout. Easily convert your Adobe files to Word documents without additional license fees. (We know how expensive these types of subscriptions can be for a small organization). Workflow Central, the feature provided by Xerox, is a web-based software package that brings together the applications we have developed. After authentication, all you have to do is use it with or without your multifunction printer, because the digital version also exists.

We’re also adding other solutions, such as AirPrint for Apple users. You can print from your iPad or iPhone. You can also manage your prints from any type of device via WI-FI. Your data can be transmitted securely. Thanks to these solutions, you can save time and money while becoming more productive.

Easy access and security of your printer

Document management and secure printing are at the core of our business. We underscore our commitment to protecting your sensitive data. The use of solutions such as Authentication ensures that your files remain confidential and can only be accessed through a unique code or pass system (QR codes are also available, but less used), reinforcing control over who can print and scan within your organization. You can also reduce your paper consumption thanks to the identification system. All MFP access points are secure. If you have a VersaLink printer, the Xerox program performs global authentication at startup or at the request of the administrator or person to whom the right is assigned. If you have an AltaLink, the “White List” feature continuously monitors your system and prevents threatening applications from interacting with the systems. The Secure Print system allows sensitive documents to be printed securely using a code. Xerox Belgium partners with Trellix (which is McAfee) and Cisco. Our printers comply with FIPS 140-2 standards, which guarantees enhanced security and secure printing.

Your customized all-in-one laser printer

Our all-in-one printers offer the standard printing option, of course, but Xerox produces complete laser printers that allow you to set up many of the operating parameters as professionally as possible. We offer to store this data. Conversations with our customers show how much this solution makes their lives easier. This task goes very quickly if the settings are correct.

Our printers adapt to different paper sizes, such as A4, A3 and A5, thanks to automatic detection technology. You can also work with different paper weights. Our machines can handle paper weights up to 300 g/m². The information is displayed on the tablet and you only need to enter three data points if the paper weight is different. In addition, double-sided printing is done in one pass for even more speed.

Xerox multifunction printers: a guarantee of quality

Xerox has traditionally been known for the quality of its printers. We are their dealer for practical reasons. We believe in our machines. With our service layer, we offer our customers a historic brand. Xerox has always been at the forefront of its market. When you print pages now, you make quality demands. These are perfectly legitimate demands, which we at D&O Partners meet. Our consultants tailor products to your needs, but the quality of our entire range is what sets us apart. We take great care to ensure that you get the results you expect. Our high-end desktop printer gives a maximum resolution of 1200×2400 dpi, which ensures superior quality without increasing the cost per page or reducing the print speed.

Small businesses need quality in a short period of time. We know how important it is to respond quickly to our customers’ needs, and there is nothing more annoying than a technical failure and having to contact the technical department for a toner delivery.

Cost optimization

We’re not afraid to talk about price. We understand how important it is for small businesses to keep costs under control, so we offer customized savings. Our Xerox products provide an excellent return on investment. This is the biggest advantage of working with D&O Partners. All the toners you need for your multifunction printer are delivered to you before you have to order them yourself. You also benefit from a technician’s visit in case of a problem. You always have a contact person close to your office.

You benefit from the reports sent by the multifunction printer. These can include information per user, per copy, etc. It is a summary of important data that can save you money. D&O Partners also sets itself apart by tailoring its products to your needs. If your needs are limited to A4 size, you don’t have to push yourself to increase costs. A laser printer is your work tool that should serve you well and cause you as little inconvenience as possible during use, and that is exactly what we have understood at D&O Partners. To make life easier for our customers, we do not impose a mandatory page volume, allowing more flexibility. Our customers also benefit from a special paper price.

Prepare for the transition to your new printer

As you know, technology is playing an increasingly important role in today’s business world. We are aware of this and we are making it easier for SMBs to compete with larger organizations. Whether it is secure printing, badge/code authentication or software implemented with Xerox, we are pioneers in updating the solutions we offer in addition to printers. We don’t force organizations to make the move to digital, but our products are ready when such a strategic decision is made. That’s also why Xerox has made certain choices and developed functionalities, such as connecting to the cloud or scanning to email, that we believe are essential to the operation of organizations like yours. Learn more about these applications here: Experience, printing and scanning app for Windows 10 and 11 – Xerox

The Xerox multifunction printer also has access to the cloud, as mentioned above. It’s a practical solution and we also provide additional services: Paper Cut, a service called follow me. The principle is simple: you authenticate yourself to send your files to the server. The print jobs are stored on this server and you can print them on any printer in your network. Why did we mention the cloud? Because these are two services that can work in synergy. You can find your documents on any medium and print them on any printer. So you can use your devices on the go and send what you need without having to wait until you get back to the office. Need to manage an order form, a brochure or an invoice? Nothing is impossible now with Xerox Belgium.

D&O Partners’ selection of business printers for your business

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right printer model for multiple users. Therefore, we have selected two that are suitable for everyone and help you choose. The solutions available to users enable much more than printing and are easy to use. All the features described above are available in the models we have selected.

This is the compact laser printer we most recommend for small organizations that do not need large-format printing. It is one of the best multifunction A4 printers par excellence. You can work very efficiently with this compact device. Despite its compact appearance, you can make up to 120,000 prints per month with this device. It is not only robust, but also fast. You can print up to 42 ppm (pages per minute). By comparison, Xerox’s entry-level A3 printers achieve speeds of 30 ppm (pages per minute). For us, this remains the wisest choice on the market. As a user, you don’t have to worry about parts or drying ink. We’re talking about a laser printer that you can get back to work with no problems even after the vacations and you won’t have to worry about dried ink and we’ll deliver your toners before they run out. Your A4 prints will be of better quality with this ink and you won’t pay unnecessary costs.

In our selection of business printers, we had to find room for offices that want to become large businesses. We suggest the business all-in-one machine from Xerox. We recommend this professional A3 printer for larger single-office teams. This printer can print at speeds of up to 70 ppm (pages per minute). The feeding mouth of this business printer is the same as that of production machines. Users rave about it. Add touch-screen access to software of the all-in-one printer and you can compete with anyone on the market. You can identify yourself at the printer with a code or badge if you want secure printing and scanning. AltaLink users gain productivity without a doubt. With this machine, you get a more attractive price per page than with a printer without a maintenance contract.

We recommend the Xerox VersaLink C415 for smaller organizations and the Altalink C8170 for larger organizations, offering speed, efficiency and advanced security features to meet your needs.

Pssst! Don’t be afraid of change. If you own a Canon, HP or Ricoh printer, you are probably familiar with our printers. They are characterized by their functionality and ease of use. Training is included in the price if you contact us mentioning this article.